SNS Nails Near Me

Usually, my friends look up to me for an introduction to the most trending things in the beauty industry. Now that I am an editor, I have access to a lot of information that only a person at my position can access. However, my friends from the United States found an opportunity to introduce me to the most exciting manicure trend of dip powders. Whenever I and my friends meet, we have this hot topic about SNS which is a brand in the dip powder category in the market. Essentially, I decided to research on SNS nails.


I did not think that there is any salon in the neighbourhood that dealt with signature nail system. For the first time, I rode to the nearest metropolitan for an SNS adventure. Identifying any sign that could lead me to my quest was nearly impossible due to the congestion in the city and the feeling that I was attracting unnecessary attention when looking up on top of buildings. Lastly, I went back home with no luck. The following day, I heard my secretary talk about a salon near our neighbourhood that was offering SNS service. I enquired the directions to the place and vowed to visit it in the near future.

Later in the evening, I decided to check out the place and then there it was. A billboard with all the services offered in the place stood so staunchly in front of the building. I then decided to ask for the service. Amazingly, the pay was not as much as I had anticipated and as I sat on the comfy service seat, I was wondering if this would be another experience of cracked peeled or flaked nails like I was used to. Within the next one and a half hours, I was being attended to and I could not comprehend the perfection of SNS nails. I was left with vibrant and brightly coloured nails with a hardened feel similar to that of acrylics. That day, I identified the perfect place for SNS nails near me

My next two fortnights were full of confidence as the manicure never cracked peeled or even flaked. However, after three weeks of an elegant look, I noticed that my cuticle had some new growth and I immediately realized that my next appointment had just come. I tried to remove the polish by myself in the house but I realized that it was very challenging. Quite often, my nails have been left weak and cracked after scraping to remove common gels.

When I visited the salon where I got my first SNS to treat, the technician removed the SNS top layer with the use of an electric file. I was then asked to dip my arms in acetone and foils for approximately half an hour. 30 minutes is a bit longer than it takes to remove normal gels and polishes but I had to be patient. Just like passing candle wax by a fireside, the hue slithered off the nails leaving them rather strong than they have always been after the elimination of unvarying gels. It has been a year now and I have been visiting the salon every month to receive an SNS finish. For that period, I have only had a single incidence where I noticed a crack on my SNS. My natural nails have grown to be strong, long and healthy such that my friends make an assumption that I fit fake nail edges on my natural nails.

The use of dip powders has for a long time been new to most people around my place. People have been aware of Gelish, OPI, LDS nails… among other common brands. Nonetheless, the recent increase in the use of dipping nail systems¬†and various other dip powders has overtaken the market for common gels and polishes. SNS is currently being seen as the best alternative for acrylic and shellac. Many people have referred to the use of SNS as a healthier means to achieve a perfect nail enhancement. It is a fast process that involves less filing hence a healthy option for natural nails due to the highly reduced friction.

The relatively inexpensive nature of SNS process as well as the long-lasting elegance achieved from SNS nails makes it the most preferred present trend and assures a bright future for SNS. Unlike acrylic and shellac, SNS leaves your nails stronger and healthier than before. You only have to remove the top layer with an electric file and soak the hands in acetone or foils to remove the remaining colour. Also, the idea that only a little filing I involved in the SNS nails application process is considered healthy for natural nails.