Create the Latest Ombre Nail and Crystal Designs Using Nail Dipping Powder

Ombre nail is a beautiful nail trend that has become a popular must-have look on social media. From Hollywood celebrities to fashion models, everyone seems to be wearing this and we can’t blame them because the two-tone is very stylish and beautiful. Another good thing about this nail art is that everyone can learn how to do it as long as they have a few tools and of course a lot of patience. Here are some of the most beautiful ombre effect and crystal designs that you must try.

Ombre Nail

1. Ombre Glitter and Gems

Jazz up your ombre look in an instant by adding glitter and gems. Create an French ombre of your choice then have two glitter nails, and one nail with a crystal design. You can use any glitter color and any gems when recreating the look for yourself.

2. Glitter and French Ombre Nails

Looking a bold glitter idea? How about painting some of the nails ombre while the rest of the nails make a sparkly statement? The glittery nails are a combination of LDS D154 Too glam to give a damn and LDS D10 Lavender Ballad. These nails are stunning and would be perfect for a special occasion or for a party.

3. Glam Ombre Stiletto Nails

Are you looking for glam nails that will wow? Then this idea is for you. Here we have a stiletto nail with a light ombre and two accent designs. One accent nail features silver glitter and the other has beautiful gems. These are gorgeous nails and you can create your own crystal design.

4. Ombre Nails with Glitter Accent

To achieve this look, combine LDS D10 Lavender Ballad and LDS Clear Powder to create the ombre effect then create a lovely glitter effect using LDS D154 Too glam to give a damn over the half moon. These nails would be perfect in any color, but lavender has a special appeal to all nail art lovers.

5. Translucent White Nails with Crystals

This nail art looks plain at first but with a few crystals, it can wink out at a viewer unexpectedly. These nail are a lovely translucent white background to make the crystal stand out. LDS Clear Powder will helo you achieve the translucent nail and it is practical for daily wear while adding a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

6. French Ombre Accent Nails

Gems and crystals can transform any nails from boring to glam and if you will add extra pearls in it, your nails will surely look amazing. To create this look, create an ombre using LDS Clear Powder and LDS D154 Too glam to give a damn and let the accent nails feature pearls and gems. These gorgeous nails show how amazing pearls can look. Recreate these or try a subtler pearl and French ombre manicure.